Fall and winter 2016 has seen me in the studio about once a week to work on watercolor paintings.

As for what's next, I'm super interested in trying finger painting with oil, thanks to my obsession with Iris Scott.

Summer 2016's project is writing (August writer's residency in Colorado) as well as trying the 100 days project. I decided to stick with something simple so that my resistance threshold would be low. So, I went with pen sketches of this yoga creature-woman-sprite that I first conceived of a few months ago. We'll see how it turns out once I'm done! The Instagram button below is the link to all the sketches I've completed so far.


Here's what one of my paintings looks like freshly framed and amongst other art.

Bottom picture, nicely complemented by the plug on the left.

Bottom picture, nicely complemented by the plug on the left.

This past winter (2016), I started watercolor night classes at the Southwest School of the Arts. So far, we've used lots of sepia. Our instructor, a former architect, spent an entire semester at college turning white paper into sepia colored paper. He tells us, "after twelve weeks of practicing brown washes, you'd never guess the paper wasn't ever white."

We're lucky to have only spent six hours doing the same.

This past summer, I decided that San Antonio's Southtown monthly first Friday festivals were missing one key item: pint glasses. So I sketched, developed, and then sold pint glasses as a street vendor during summer 2015. Head to Tito's to have a beer in one of these glasses.

When Stevie (husband) and I first arrived in San Antonio, we didn't know anyone or have much going on other than work. One day while drinking coffee at Rosella's, we started brainstorming names for our (fictitious) company, that someday would turn into a megacorps. For whatever reason, we're in love with the name: Double Dingbat. Here are some quick logo sketches I made during the coffee date.